Fashion Tips for The Short Man

Wear a small rise

The rise in your pants is the distance between the crotch of your pants and the waistband. Shorter men should wear the smallest rise in their pants that they can get away with because a really long rise will make you look like you have a negative butt. It will also make what you’ve got in front look nonexistent. In contrast, a short rise will visually elongate your legs and avoid making your crotch and bottom area look baggy and empty.

Opt for square-toed shoes

Pointy-toe shoes are only OK when you are taller and your pant leg can cover most of your shoe. If you are smaller, however, long shoes or really big. Bulky ones will make you look like less of a professional and more like a joker. Square-toe shoes are best for you.

Wear heels on your shoes

Although you should avoid wearing overly bulky shoes, you should buy shoes with a substantial heel. Dress boots are a great option for shorter men, and there are so many great styles available nowadays that can be paired with everything from jeans to a suit. To really give yourself added height, wear your dress boots, wedding suit with a longer pant leg that comes to the floor to disguise the heel.

Consider accessories

Clever accessories, like a great necklace, tie or hat can keep people’s eyes on your face, making them less likely to pay attention to your stature. Of all your accessory choices, a hat is probably best as it is a fantastic way to provide the illusion of an extra inch or two of height.

Avoid really big prints

On smaller bodies, giant prints will overwhelm. One way to add quirk to your closet with prints is to choose small prints, like a graphic black and white print or small checks. So if you’re shorter, have fun with your wardrobe by keeping your prints proportionate to your body.

Choose a slimmer necktie

Slimmer to medium-sized neckties will avoid overwhelming your frame. Large ties should be avoided if you are short because they will make your body seem disproportionate by comparison. If you are very short, you might want to check out ties that are both slimmer and shorter.