Fashion Tips for The Skinny Man

“Help, I look like a skeleton”

Loads of men and women envy their skinnier counterparts that can eat as much junk food as they want without gaining an ounce. People tend to forget that being too thin can be just as problematic as being overweight. It’s hard to find clothes that fit and complement their thinner bodies. The most efficient way to solve the problem is to join the gym and eat more food that will add muscle mass to a bony body. But in reality, it’s not always that easy and many men are destined to remain skinny. So the next best thing is to just work around heredity.

Avoid monochromatic looks

If you wear a solid color from head to toe (especially black), you’ll seem even thinner than you are. So break up your look by wearing a few different colors in your outfit. Fortunately, playing around with the colour palette should be fun and you’ll get to experiment with a lot of different looks.

Choose fitted shirts

Loose-fitting, untucked shirts will billow around you and make you look like the mainsail on a mast, so you’ll want to choose something more fitted instead. While you should avoid skin-tight shirts because they will accentuate your bony upper half, do choose slim-cut shirts and learn how to layer them to fake a bit more mass.

Avoid round-toed shoes

If you’re really tall, shoes with a round toe will make you look disproportionate. To balance out your shape, go for square-toed shoes. When it comes to dress shoes and city shoes, finding square-toe shoes should not present a problem. If you’re at the gym or playing a sport, however, square-toe shoes will be harder to find, so just avoid anything with an overly round shape.

Choose lighter colours

Lighter colors will make you appear slightly larger, so choose whites, creams, light blues, light grays, and pastels to visually bulk you up a bit. Also don’t forget to wear the tailored shirts.