Fashion Tips for The Bulky Man

Overweight men can look thin

The easiest way to fit in and look great when you’re overweight is to lose weight with the help of a proper exercise program and diet. Not only will your clothes fall better as a result, but it will also boost your confidence, as well as your motivation to dress and look better. While that is much easier said than done, below are some simple fashion tips that can help you look thinner and feel more confident.

Stay away from horizontal stripes

If there’s a little more of you to love, particularly in the stomach area, avoid any kind of horizontal stripe. While you’re at it, avoid diagonal stripes too. What you should wear with pride, however, are shirts and trousers with vertical stripes. Vertical stripes draw the eye downward, elongating your silhouette and visually slimming it. Pinstripe suits are the perfect dress-up clothes for you, especially paired with a crisp black dress shirt underneath. Pinstripe dress shirts will also look great when mixed with dark jeans or black trousers. For casual wear, try to find a pair of dark corduroys with slim stripes that are made from thin material.

Avoid double-vented jackets

The slits in the back of your jacket are referred to as “vents”. All jackets should cover your bottom. However, if you have a larger behind that makes you feel a bit self-conscious, stay away from blazers and jackets that are double-vented (the ones with two slits in the back) as this cut will draw attention to your posterior. To camouflage a wider rear, go with single-vented jackets or jackets without any vents. If you already own a double-vented jacket that you love, a professional bespoke tailors should be able to sew up the slits for you at a fairly minimal cost.

Go monochromatic

A shirt and trousers in two extremely contrasting colors, like black and white, will break you in half and make a large middle stand out. Choose tops and bottoms that are identical or similar in color to create a cleaner visual impression and to look 10 pounds slimmer instantly. Choose all black for the most slimming effect, but add some colored accessories to avoid looking like you have a funeral to attend. Wear a belt. A belt will nip in your waistline and make it appear slimmer. Just be sure not to make it so tight that you have a belly overhang.