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Tailored Suits in Melbourne

Passionate and proud to be producing the finest
bespoke suits and shirts for Melbourne’s gentlemen since 1999

In 1999 we saw the inauguration of the first Germanicos Bespoke tailor house in Melbourne. Our founder John Tellis’ dream was to build a brand reminiscent of the famous tailor houses of Saville Row In London, England. At the time you could count the quality bespoke tailors in Melbourne on your one hand, actually still to this day there are only a handful of real bespoke tailors left in Melbourne who can achieve a perfect suit or shirt.

Bespoke tailoring is an art and takes countless years of experience to ensure you have the knowledge to fit each and every body shape perfectly. The tailors at Germanicos Melbourne are not only in pursuit of the perfect fitted suit or shirt, but also to match the correct fabric to each and every customers skin complexion from our luxurious range of over 6,000 luxurious European fabrics.

We have traveled the world to source the best cloths and are proud to hold the largest range of the most stunning European cloth in Melbourne, from mills such as Dormeuil in England and Drago in Italy. Even then there is more to consider such as the weight of the cloth of the bespoke suit, as the suit may be for summer or winter or to travel to places with extreme temperatures. Every minute detail will be taken into consideration during your bespoke tailor appointment in our Melbourne bespoke tailor house, right down to the frequency you would like to wear your suit, to ensure you have a suit that outlasts all the others you have ever owned.

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In true bespoke fashion, Germanicos master tailors will perform as many fittings as are necessary to complete your stunning suit. Each and every Germanicos client will have a unique pattern drawn for them which we will hold well into the future. A pattern is much more valuable than just holding measurements, as you will never get any consistency with just measurements, as such be weary of tailors that say they hold your measurements, the consistency will never be right.

The motto of our management is to ensure every client who walks out of our Germanicos Melbourne tailor house looks a million dollars in his stunning tailor-made suits or shirts.

We are fussier than the fussiest client, we will ensure the perfect suit or shirt.

Germanicos clients tend to receive lots of compliments when wearing our bespoke suits and shirts, we are glad as it lifts our clients self-esteem and worth and they keep coming back.

"Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not Luxury"

John Tellis - CEO

You don’t need to know much about suits, it’s our master tailors and designers job to help steer you in the right direction to make you look a million dollars. Germanicos offers a free “Stylist service” with any suit purchase to ease you through the millions of style and fabric combinations available to you for your suits or shirts.

In terms of price we are proud to be the only true “bespoke tailor” in Melbourne to list our pricing points online, this is to ensure you know what to expect and we like to be transparent.

Don’t be fooled by cheaper “made to measure” suits, you will never get the same amazing result as bespoke, no one comes close to the Germanicos quality in Melbourne at this price point. It is like a “Hyundai” and “Ferrari” they will both get you from A to B, but one is so much better in every department. Same with tailors we are not all the same and there is varying quality and fit issues you will find.

Check our testimonials page to see the high profile people we have dressed and accolades we have won if you need more convincing. Germanicos is the personal tailor to the likes of “Hugh Jackman” & “Ronan Keating” just to name a few stars who constantly win awards for their style.

We look forward to seeing you and making you a suit or shirt you thought could not be possible in every aspect.

Darren McMullen tailored suit


Jack Ziebell, Australian rules footballer

Jack Ziebell

Australian rules footballer, Captain of North Melbourne

I own about 10 suits and this was the first quality one I purchased.
Had an amazing experience making my suit from such a passionate and knowledgeable team

Scott Pendlebury, Collingwood FC

Scott Pendlebury

Collingwood FC

for the BEST SUIT MAKERS in Australia

Aaron Sansoni, Author, International Speaker

Aaron Sansoni

Author, International Speaker

Everything was ‘bespoke’ not just the tailoring, but the conversation and service as well.
I have purchased suits in 50+ countries and not one of them has come close to my tailored suits by Germanicos.
I have tested all their suits vigorously in every condition both indoors, outdoors and they have passed with flying colours.
Getting a suit from Germanicos gives you the feeling of ‘getting a new hair cut every day’!


               Darren McMullen, Host The Voice, TV presenter, actor

Darren McMullen

Host The Voice, TV presenter, actor

For the last two years I've employed the services of Germanicos
to help me look sharp for The Logics.
They never fail to deliver an astounding suit, in record time.
l've never had so many positive comments on my suits before.
I won't be going anywhere else from now on.

Ruby Rose, Australian model, DJ, Actress

Ruby Rose

Australian model, DJ, Actress

Germanicos is one of the best tailors in Australia’s. Loved my suit

Todd Payten, West Tigers Rugby Player

Todd Payten

West Tigers Rugby Player

I looked long and hard to find the right tailor to make my wedding suit.
I’ve always had a desire to get a bespoke suit made as off the rack have never ever fit me right.
I came across Germanicos tailors via the net and after making an appointment I knew right away that I was using them....

Ronan Keating, Host: X Factor, Musician

Ronan Keating

Host: X Factor, Musician

Hey Buddy,
Just a quick note to say thank you for the suit but most importantly the effort and trouble you went to.
I love the suit its beautiful.
Ronan K.

Ross Stevenson, 3AW radio morning host, Australia's most listened to radio presenter

Ross Stevenson

3AW radio morning host, Australia's most listened to radio presenter

Thrilled with the result of my first suit with Germanicos.
If they can fit me they can fit anybody!

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