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Tailored Suits Sydney

Germanicos has been operating in Sydney for the better part of the last two decades since 2001. In that time we have made thousands of bespoke Suits, Shirts, Vests and Overcoats for discerning gentlemen based in Sydney that demand the best tailored Suits and Shirts.

When you embark on your bespoke style adventure with Germanicos you will have an array of over 6,000 of the most luxurious fabrics in the world to choose from for your tailor made suit. Whatever fabric colour or cloth composition you are looking for in your garments, you can be sure that Germanicos will have it. You can be sure that you are unique when wearing a Germanicos bespoke suit as each and every tailored suit is designed with the customer in mind and is a one off piece, this will give you individuality and generate your own unique style.

Whilst we are selecting fabrics together with you for your bespoke suit, your amazing experienced Germanicos tailor will also offer a free stylist service for you, meaning we will take into consideration many factors to get the perfect tailored suit for you. Factors such as your skin complexion, your body type, the types of places you would wear the suit to and the climate of the city where you will wear the suit most. We offer this service free of charge because we have understood at Germanicos if we make you look a million dollars, you will get so many compliments when wearing the tailor made suit and in turn we will get several referrals from you, which is a real win/win situation for all. It’s a win for you not only because you look a feel great, but also because we have a very strong referral program at Germanicos where we will offer special gifts for every referral you make, be sure to ask your Sydney bespoke tailor about this, as it is a good way to fill your wardrobe free of charge!

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After selecting your fabric for your bespoke Suit or Shirt, we will take very detailed measurements from you to ensure your suit or shirt fits like a glove. Dependant on your body type we will take between 38 and 45 measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

The next step after selecting your fabrics and being measured is to design your bespoke suit or shirt. At Germanicos with our massive experience we understood that the hardest part of the tailor was to convey the style of the suit, before it was actually made to our customers. As such we have developed our own in-house 3D simulator, which will enable us to make any what suit or shirt design that you desire, the best part is that you will be able to visualise the style of the suit using this amazing software that is only available at Germanicos tailors. This software gives us the opportunity to alleviate that big issue of conveying the style of the garments precisely and giving you a visual before it’s actually made, this is a world first and a great experience for our Sydney customers and is now available and fully functional at our Sydney branch for tailor made suits and shirts.

The next step of your bespoke garments after selecting your fabric, being measured and designing your suit, is to pay a 50% deposit for us to commence making your garments. Approximately 4 weeks later (As bespoke suits have a minimum of 40 hours of work to get to this stage) your Sydney tailor will call you for a fitting. The fitting appointment takes 20-30 minutes and is the appointment where the head tailor will chalk and pin your suit to perfect the fit on your body. At Germanicos Sydney we will do as many fittings as are necessary to get your tailor made suit or shirt to look a million dollars.

You can be sure you are dealing with the top bespoke tailor in the country, you just have to go on to see our testimonials and reviews from very famous Australians that have used our services. Celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Ronan Keating, Ruby Rose, Darren McMullen & Scott Pendlebury just to name a few.

Germanicos constantly received awards for superior fit and styling, not just in Sydney, but throughout the world. We are really passionate and care so much about all our clients, so if you want the best bespoke garments at by far the best prices in Australia, then look no further than Germanicos. We look forward to the opportunity to get you looking a million dollars in your new bespoke garments.

"Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not Luxury"

John Tellis - CEO


Jack Ziebell, Australian rules footballer

Jack Ziebell

Australian rules footballer, Captain of North Melbourne

I own about 10 suits and this was the first quality one I purchased.
Had an amazing experience making my suit from such a passionate and knowledgeable team

Scott Pendlebury, Collingwood FC

Scott Pendlebury

Collingwood FC

for the BEST SUIT MAKERS in Australia

Aaron Sansoni, Author, International Speaker

Aaron Sansoni

Author, International Speaker

Everything was ‘bespoke’ not just the tailoring, but the conversation and service as well.
I have purchased suits in 50+ countries and not one of them has come close to my tailored suits by Germanicos.
I have tested all their suits vigorously in every condition both indoors, outdoors and they have passed with flying colours.
Getting a suit from Germanicos gives you the feeling of ‘getting a new hair cut every day’!


               Darren McMullen, Host The Voice, TV presenter, actor

Darren McMullen

Host The Voice, TV presenter, actor

For the last two years I've employed the services of Germanicos
to help me look sharp for The Logics.
They never fail to deliver an astounding suit, in record time.
l've never had so many positive comments on my suits before.
I won't be going anywhere else from now on.

Ruby Rose, Australian model, DJ, Actress

Ruby Rose

Australian model, DJ, Actress

Germanicos is one of the best tailors in Australia’s. Loved my suit

Todd Payten, West Tigers Rugby Player

Todd Payten

West Tigers Rugby Player

I looked long and hard to find the right tailor to make my wedding suit.
I’ve always had a desire to get a bespoke suit made as off the rack have never ever fit me right.
I came across Germanicos tailors via the net and after making an appointment I knew right away that I was using them....

Ronan Keating, Host: X Factor, Musician

Ronan Keating

Host: X Factor, Musician

Hey Buddy,
Just a quick note to say thank you for the suit but most importantly the effort and trouble you went to.
I love the suit its beautiful.
Ronan K.

Ross Stevenson, 3AW radio morning host, Australia's most listened to radio presenter

Ross Stevenson

3AW radio morning host, Australia's most listened to radio presenter

Thrilled with the result of my first suit with Germanicos.
If they can fit me they can fit anybody!

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