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Originally worn as casual attire for hunting and other outdoor sports, hence the name, the Sport jacket has taken on status as the must-have fashion piece. From the far reaches of the globe, the sport jacket is becoming the garment de rigueur in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

The Sport jacket can take many forms in shape and fabric and can be worn as casual attire when mixed with non-matching jeans, shirts and jumpers.

Also able to be dressed up, the sport jacket serves as multi-purpose and highly functional garment.

With over 1000 fabrics to choose from, Germanicos can make your bespoke sport jacket as quick and stylish as you like, tailored to fit your body perfectly. Your sport jacket will be your signature piece, recognised by all who admire you.

casual sports jacket bespoke tailor
bespoke tailored sports jacket

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Ruby Rose

Australian model, DJ, Actress

Germanicos is one of the best tailors in Australia. Loved my suit


Jack Ziebell

Australian footballer

I own about 10 suits and this was the first quality one I purchased. Had an amazing experience making my suit from such a passionate and knowledgeable team


Darren McMullen

Host: The Voice, TV presenter, actor

For the last two years I've employed the services of Germanicos to help me look sharp for The Logies.They never fail to deliver an astounding suit, in record time. I've never had so many positive comments on my suits before.I won't be going anywhere else from now on.


Aaron Sansoni

Author, International Speaker

Everything was ‘bespoke’ not just the tailoring, but the conversation and service as well. I have purchased suits in 50+ countries and not one of them has come close to my tailored suits by Germanicos. I have tested all their suits vigorously in every condition both indoors, outdoors and they have passed with flying colours. Getting a suit from Germanicos gives you the feeling of ‘getting a new hair cut every day’!


Ronan Keating

Host: X Factor, Musician

Hey Buddy, Just a quick note to say thank you for the suit but most importantly the effort and trouble you went to.I love the suit its beautiful.Ronan K.

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