Germanicos Takes on the Gargantuan Task of Building the First Global Bespoke Tailoring Brand

Germanicos, the renowned Australian bespoke tailoring company, is set to disrupt the fashion industry with its state-of-the-art technology, the Germanicos POS and ERP systems. With the inclusion of artificial intelligence, the company has achieved the impossible – consistency in fit for bespoke tailoring. This achievement has been the brainchild of the company’s visionary CEO, John Tellis, who recognized the void in the international presence for bespoke tailors.

Despite the attempts of major fashion houses, fabric houses, and factories, none have been able to build the first global bespoke tailoring brand. Germanicos has taken on this gargantuan task, and after seven years of hard work and dedication, the company has completed its program, which has nothing to emulate off.

Germanicos saw the void and decided to embark on building a program that would change the industry. The company was younger and hungry, and it invested all of its profits back into the company and program, which will pay off in the long run.

The program includes seven in-house IT engineers and staff, who have worked tirelessly to achieve the consistency in fit that bespoke tailoring demands. The result is a system that disrupts the thinking of current technologies of pattern making and teaching in universities.

Germanicos has proven that it can gain consistency in all Australian states and is now confident to expand to major world centres such as London, Tokyo, Dubai, and New York. The company is set to trial the first test launch in Finland, Europe, in the last quarter of the 2023 calendar year, with talks progressing far with partners in Dublin, Ireland, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to launch quickly thereafter.

To aid its successful launches, Germanicos owns high-level industry leading URLs in the markets it will target, such as  (Finland),  (Ireland), and  (UAE).

In conclusion, Germanicos is like the tortoise in the “tortoise and hare” story, taking its time to achieve its goal of building the first global bespoke tailoring brand. The company’s perseverance, love for its company, and high bars set will take the bespoke tailoring industry by storm over the next five years.