Suit Up Ladies: The Struggle of Finding a Women’s Tailor in Australia

As the world becomes more diverse and inclusive, it is surprising that finding a women’s tailor in Australia can still be a difficult task. For decades, the tailoring industry, with women’s bespoke tailoring, has been dominated by men, with less attention being given to women’s clothing. This has led to a shortage of tailors and retailers who cater to women’s clothing, especially in the tailored suit industry.

It is no secret that tailored suits have always been a symbol of power and success in the business world, and it is not just men who want to wear them. Women also want to look professional and feel confident in a well-fitted suit, but the options for finding one can be limited in Australia.

One of the main issues is that there is a lack of women’s tailoring training available in Australia, which means there are fewer skilled female tailors. The majority of tailors are men, and they often don’t have the necessary skills or experience to create a suit that will fit a woman’s body perfectly.

Another factor is that many retailers focus on fast fashion, which means they produce cheap clothing quickly and in bulk. This is not ideal for tailored suits, which require careful attention to detail and a focus on quality over quantity. As a result, there are fewer retailers who specialize in tailored suits for women, and the ones that do exist often have limited options.

Fortunately, there are some solutions available for women who want a high-quality tailored suit in Australia. Germanicos is a bespoke tailor that offers a vast array of over 7,000 fabrics and endless design options for women. As a result, women can now have more choices when it comes to their bespoke suits.

Germanicos tailors are highly skilled and experienced in creating custom-made suits that fit women perfectly, ensuring that every client looks and feels their best. Germanicos offers a personalized experience, working with clients to create a suit that meets their individual needs and preferences.

In conclusion, finding a women’s tailor or retailer that specializes in tailored suits in Australia may be challenging, but it is not impossible. With research, patience, and the right tailor, you can find a high-quality suit that fits well and makes you feel confident and powerful. Germanicos is a great solution for women who want a bespoke suit that is tailored to their unique style and body shape. If you’re interested in learning more about Germanicos, check out Ruby Rose’s testimonial here.