Germanicos Difference

At Germanicos, we strive to be different. We know that our customers expect the best from us whether in terms of quality of fabrics, or expert craftsmanship. Customers expect the best. Our goal is to go beyond that.

We are Bespoke

Meaning every piece of your suit is custom-made from scratch just for you. That’s what bespoke tailoring is about, starting from the bare essentials to create something amazing and unique for the customer. At Germanicos we have over 3,000 fabrics at our disposal, sourced from Europe’s most famous mills. Our master tailors will guide you through this process to create something that matches your style and brings out your personality.

Transparent and Fixed Prices

Tailors have a bad reputation. It’s unfortunate, however some tailors in our industry deliberately hide their prices in order to trick their customers into paying more. Rest assured that you know what you are paying for at Germanicos. Our bespoke tailor-made shirt and suit pricing packages make it easy for you to choose the type of suit in an honest and transparent way.

Over 3,000 of the World’s Finest Fabrics

Our fabrics are imported from Europe’s most famous mills. Rest assured that we only source the best fabrics meaning that your suit will be durable, feel comfortable on your skin and above all make you look amazing.

Global Buying Power Means You Pay Less

Our global presence and buying power allows us to offer our fabrics at very competitive prices to our customers. We have a good relationship with the mills since we deal with them on a daily basis. This is a win-win situation for us and our customers. It allows us to source some of the world’s highest quality fabrics at an incredible price. We are happy to communicate this to you openly and let you know that at Germanicos you pay for quality, but not nearly as much as you would elsewhere.

Our Unique Measurement Process Guarantees a Perfect Fit

All tailors have a set of standard measurements that they take. We follow this standard. What makes us different is that we take an additional nine measurements in order to guarantee a perfect fit.

Customise Your Suit or Shirt at No Extra Cost

A lot of our customers don’t even realise the extent to which their suit can be customised. Perhaps it’s a preconceived notion that customisation means paying more. After all, shouldn’t an embroidered personal signature on a suit cost extra since it takes more time for the tailor to craft? Or what about having your lapel button or sleeve holes stitched in a different colour to the rest of the suit? Surely no tailor will spend all this extra effort without adding an extra expense to the final invoice?

Germanicos would charge you absolutely nothing extra for the above request or any other reasonable customisation. We love when customers challenge us and ask for something that no-one has done before. You are getting a bespoke tailor-made suit. Make it your own! Make it unique if you like. This applies to our other garments as well.