The Groom’s Wedding Suit – The Most Logical Wedding Expense

Let’s face it, we all know that weddings can be very expensive as there are so many parts to a wedding to arrange. In today’s blog We take a closer look at the Groom’s wedding suit and why it is the most logical expense of all the wedding expenses.

After the wedding you will never use the invites again or the flowers on the table, you won’t even use the brides dress again or even the bridesmaids dresses! Amongst a myriad of other things.

I sat down and went through all the expenses associated with a wedding and soon realised that the two things that you can use and remember were linked with the Grooms suit, that’s why I feel it’s important to get the best one for your wedding.

These days and especially at Germanicos Tailors many of our grooms are becoming savvy and understanding that they can get great use out of their bespoke suit well into the future after the wedding. We constantly look at ways to make the suits look weddingy on the day with tactics like adding a waistcoat, or special tie or cravat, or bow tie even an amazing pocket square or a really unique fabric that no one else has. We also keep in the back of our minds future wear for the customer, weather he uses the jacket as a sports jacket, or wears only the two pieces without the vest or again as a three piece suit well after the wedding.

The Grooms wedding suit is the only thing you can use again, and it is also the bit of clothing that you will be most photographed in your entire life, so you want it to look sharp! You will remember the wedding from the pictures and video on the night moving forward, but the majority of these pictures are of the brides dress and the Grooms suit, so it is the one day you want to look a million dollars and better and more unique than all the other guests.

Your wedding day is the greatest excuse in your lifetime to get you


John Tellis

(Chief Designer – Germanicos Tailors)


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