Interview with: Aaron Sansoni

What is the Germanicos Bespoke Tailors difference, Aaron?

I think service is a big thing for me, number one. I teach business and sales for a living so I’m always looking for that when I come into a business. So I definitely look for services as the first thing. You can have the best product in the world but if you don’t know what you’re talking about and if I can’t see the level of service then I’m not interested in the business. And then from that it goes on from the quality of products to … everything’s Bespoke. I mean they’re not interested in a Bespoke tailor, it’s a Bespoke service, so Bespoke conversations. It’s tailoring everything to my needs, from my clothes right through to the impressions that I want to make.

How important is it to dress and look sharp in the business environment, Aaron?

I think that presentation is one of the most important things for any seller. I think that if you … if you want to … depends on the industry that you’re in, but anyone that’s in sales, you try and impress people. In the first couple of seconds somebody’s making assumptions about you when they first meet you. Not to say that every single person has to have hugely expensive suits, but I think that there’s got be a compromise between looking the part and let’s face it, when you feel great, you know, when you look great and you feel great it affects what you do. So I think anyone that’s in any influence or persuasion, whether it be entrepreneurs, business owners or sellers; they need to look their best and I think that having a Bespoke suit, it’s miles above the rest.

Is a Bespoke Suit better than even the most expensive suit off the rack?

For me, there is not one suit I’ve ever purchased in the 40, 50 odd countries that I’ve been to which has ever come close to a tailored suit, let alone a tailored suit by Germanicos.

You present to thousands of people throughout the world, in different climates. How has your Germanicos Suits and Shirts held up?

If you look at the way that they test a car to see if that car’s going to withstand the trials and tribulations of the road. I suppose I’m that subject when it comes to suits because I could be onstage for 15 hours in one day back to back to back and I could be walking off that the stage in front of thousands of people to a one on one meeting with a client. And the last thing I want to do is feel like I’m hot and sweaty in the suit and it’s not breathing, I’m not looking great. So I put the Germanicos brand through a road test over the last few months, that I’ve changed my whole wardrobe for it and it’s withstood being outside, being inside, being at VIP events, being in front of tens of thousands of people, and being one on one with the client. Influencing and persuading, so I would absolutely recommend it.

Do you have more confidence presenting in a Germanicos Bespoke Suit?

Looking good and presenting well and looking after myself has always been a big part of my whole life. And I think for me, I look at it is how do you feel when you get a new haircut or you get a new pair of shoes. I think getting a suit from Germanicos is like having a new haircut every day. I think when it comes to suiting every person gets to a point where they have to take the next step into Bespoke, and I think that if you’re looking great and you’re feeling great, it affects every part of your life. So the question becomes; how much is your confidence worth?