What’s the best shirt to wear with a tuxedo?

The Tuxedo is definitely king when it comes to men’s suiting. Let’s face it, It’s by far the most formal, the most elegant and the most unique suit which is easily recognisable. Behold though, anyone wearing a tuxedo to a business meeting that’s not held in a formal setting, tread back slowly and run for the hills! 

Contrary to popular belief, your tuxedo shirt carries a lot more weight than you might think. It’s the engine and the backdrop of your outfit that’s responsible for tying it all together. When your tuxedo shirt is styled and fitted correctly you can achieve the perfect outfit look that you’re bound to command compliments in.

So what style shirt works best with today’s modern man to complete a tuxedo look?

Here are 5 of the best options to consider when deciding on what style tuxedo shirt you should wear.

Here are 5 of the best options:

1 – THE CLASSIC LOOK – Wing tip collar with pleats or bib. 

If classic is what you’re after, this is the shirt for you.

This is the most classic and formal tuxedo shirt traditionally worn with a tuxedo. Whether it has full pleats going all the way down or a half bib, they are both considered the most classic style shirt you can wear with a tuxedo and they have both been around for centuries. 
This style shirt though, will never be worn outside the tuxedo setting and one of the main reasons modern men of today opt for different styles that are a little more versatile. 

***Wing tip collar shirts are only to be worn with bow ties and should always be accompanied by a French cuff. If you want to take this classic look to the next level, the addition of Dress Studs will give you the ultimate look.

2 – MODERN ELEGANCE – Dress Stud Tuxedo Shirt with wing tip collar (NO pleats)

Clean look with a little stud bling!

Although this shirt will still only ever be worn with a tuxedo, it’s the modern elegance of a clean front that really allows the dress studs to shine and become the main feature of the shirt. Very few other people, if any at all will be wearing dress studs, so it’s definitely a great point of difference to anyone else in the room. Dress studs mainly come in sets of five and depending on your height, you would only usually use four of them.

***Dress studs are purchased separate to your shirt as are cufflinks. The ultimate stud designed shirt for dress studs, should have a small round hole through the placket, just big enough for the SCREW BACK STUD. This way the hole opening is completely hidden by the face of the stud. 
These shirts are only custom made.

***Off the rack stud shirts are made with normal buttonhole openings, which is not ideal as you see the buttonhole stitching around the stud.

3 – ON THE FENCE – Normal collar with Fly front (hidden buttons)

This by far is the most versatile shirt you can own as it gives you the best of both worlds.
Just by having a shirt with a fly front (a hidden button placket) it automatically makes it OK to wear with a bow tie regardless of the collar style. When wearing a bow tie though, you want to make sure the width of the bow tie covers and hides the collar points, giving you the cleanest look. There’s nothing worse than wearing a standard shirt and the collar is bigger than the bow tie! 
Wear this shirt afterwards with any outfit, as long as the top button is undone.  

4 – CLASSIC COLLAR – Tuxedo shirt with pleats or bib and a classic collar.

Some people just don’t like wing tip collars – if this is you, then this is the shirt.

Whether you have a short neck with three chins or a very thick neck and don’t like the idea of a traditional wing tip collar, you can definitely still have a traditional pleated or bibed tuxedo shirt with a traditional shirt collar instead that is just a little shorter in length. This allows the bow tie to cover the collar spread and still gives you that classic look. 

5 – A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE – The Ruffle Pleated Tuxedo shirt

Who said Austin Powers?

This old school ruffle pleated tuxedo shirt can be transformed into something spectacular. You’re bound to be the only person in the room with a custom made ruffled tuxedo shirt and you will be the envy of all. 

With a modern twist on the ruffled look, there are no limits when it comes to getting something Bespoke. There is also no right or wrong with the collar style you prefer on this particular shirt but keeping with tradition a high cut wing tip collar makes this shirt outstanding and definitely will make our forefathers proud. 

In conclusion – 

There are NO limits when it comes to getting a Bespoke Tuxedo Shirt made. Your own personal stylist will understand your requirements and advise you on the best options, making it an easy and enjoyable process from start to finish.