The main difference between Made to Measure suits and Bespoke Suits?

Bespoke Suit: The ultimate garment in your wardrobe and by far the best fitting, Why you may ask? Well to construct a suit you need to start with a pattern and ‘bespoke’ means that you get a pattern drawn specifically for every part of your body and style. It is just like building a house, you need the architectural drawings before you start to be precise otherwise you will run into problems.

A typical bespoke tailor would take roughly 20 measurements from your body to produce your initial pattern. At Germanicos the highest priority is given to the pattern as such Germanicos Master tailors take roughly 30 measurements and spend a whole day on constructing the initial patterns.

Bespoke tailors must take into consideration all types of bodies and postures, it is the tailors job after all to make the best fitting and looking garment no matter what type of body you have. Master Tailors can perform visual miracles with their bespoke suits, such as visually making you look taller and thinner by the expert way they cut the suit and craft it to flaunt your best parts and hide your worst. The only way to achieve all of the above perfectly for your suit is to make a one off bespoke pattern specifically shaped and modified for your body.

Made to Measure Suit: A garment which gives you the flexibility in style and fabric, but not the ideal option for the perfect fit, why? If your used to getting suits off the rack, a made to measure suit is a stepping stone to true bespoke. You will still be able to select your fabrics and be able to design your suit to a certain extent. Made to measure means that the tailor will not make a unique pattern for your body, but rather he will work from a pre-existing pattern he has which is close to your body size, as such in terms of fit it won’t be too much different to something off the rack, the only parts he will alter slightly will be the length of the jacket, trouser and sleeves. Generally you will find made to measure suits sold in parts of South East Asia, Hong Kong and parts of the sub-continent or via their online stores. If your shoulders are not exactly as that of the pattern or your stance is a little different almost always you will run into problems and never look 100%. The fit of made to measure and an altered off the rack garments is going to be similar, and in most instances off the rack will be better as that brand has worked for years on their pattern and adapted it better than most made to measure tailors.

Conclusion: Put simply the difference between Made to Measure suits and Bespoke suits is massive and it all comes down to the main difference of the pattern, yes there are other differences and we will discuss these on our blog shortly but if the pattern ain’t 100% right the suits will never achieve the outstanding look your after.