How to wear a men’s double breasted suit

The double-breasted suit has seen a renaissance in popularity this last decade. Its dapper cool edge and broad old school style make for that perfect, timeless statement in any gentleman’s wardrobe. Coming into fashion during the 13th and 14th centuries, the extra row of buttons was used to replace draped and pinned garments like cloaks. Over the centuries, the double-breasted suit has come in and out of style, with its more recent incarnation through the 20th century seeing it originate from reefer jackets. The nautical themes seen in menswear this decade are the reason men all over the world are breathing new life into this classic style.

The double-breasted look is for the type of man who wants to make a statement with his suit. It’s bold, broad, gives off a statesmen appeal like no other formal attire. Gentlemen today are wearing it in various ways. Most commonly men will wear the double-breasted blazer with a contrasting trouser. Given that the resurgence in this garment came from a nautical background, this look is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. If you wish to go classic in your approach, make sure the double-breasted blazer is navy with contrasting gold buttons, worn with a white or light linen or cotton trouser and boat shoe for that effortless Mediterranean touch.

If you wish to go for the double-breasted suit, bold darker colours work best. Though a dark French navy or charcoal will look dapper, if you’re a man with a bold personality, try going for a chalk, pinstripe, or Prince of Wales check. Pin stripes are now back in vogue, with many better mills re-imagining the look. A pinstripe, double-breasted suit gives off a look of strength and enhances a slim body type to look broad in the shoulder and mid-section. This is a suit for the power player, the man who truly wishes to command the room.

The beauty of a double-breasted jacket is that it can be worn in numerous ways. You can button up all buttons with the exception of the bottom. Typically you will have six buttons in total through the front. Buttoning up the top will give the lapel a shorter finish, whilst buttoning up the middle will drop the lapel, giving you a more relaxed look. Double-breasted blazers can be work buttoned up whilst sitting or standing, as they allow for enough room through the body of the jacket.

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