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Feel so Comfortable

On your special day with the PERFECT FIT

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Feel so Comfortable

On your special day with the PERFECT FIT


Use your Bespoke Wedding Suit

Again and Again


Use your

Bespoke Wedding Suit

Again And Again


When you need to


than everyone else


Wedding Suits
for Men in Melbourne

Tailored Wedding suits in Melbourne

If there is ever the occasion to get yourself a Bespoke Suit or Tuxedo, what better occasion than your wedding! The one day where you need to fit better than everyone else, and look more unique, in order to get you looking a million dollars on your wedding day.

At Germanicos, we guarantee you the absolute best fit you can get for men’s wedding suits in Melbourne, no matter your body type. Our expert tailors will take over 40 exacting measurements to ensure your suit or tuxedo fits absolutely like a glove.

At Germanicos, we will do as many fittings as are necessary to get that Suit or Tuxedo looking a million dollars on your wedding day, which is our main goal. Not only will the fit be perfect, but as Bespoke Tailors the way we structure our Suits, with a floating canvas on the inside of the jacket, ensures that our Suits are the most breathable wedding suits that you can find in Melbourne. You will feel extremely comfortable on the wedding day, no matter what the weather is.

Not only are Germanicos suits very breathable and comfortable, but when we use the floating canvas on the inside of the jacket, these suits have a massive longevity. Much longer than those that you would get off the rack. Meaning that your groom’s suit is one of the only expenses of the wedding that you will be able to use again and utilize again. Rendering it one of the most logical expenses of the whole wedding.

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Some of Our

Melbourne Wedding Customers


Adrian & Belinda

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Antonio & Charlotte

Darko & Alexandra

George & Jessica

Jasdeep & Sahiba

John & Abby

John & Argyro

Jonathon & Alicia

Kostas & Aspa

Michael & Alexis

Petra & John

Bespoke wedding suit in Melbourne

When you embark on your style adventure with Germanicos, you can come in and have a choice of over 7,000 of the most luxurious European fabrics, stemming from the top fabric mills in Italy, England, and France, such as Dormeuil in England, or Cerrutti in Italy amongst many others.

In terms of our design, we can make any what design you desire for your wedding. You are not prohibited by any design. Our expert tailors offer a free stylist session with you when you come in for your wedding suit appointment in our Melbourne store, meaning we will take into consideration your skin complexion, your body type, the theme of your wedding, and the climate of where the wedding is that time of the year, to get the best suit or tuxedo for you.

Don't take our word for it! You can see the testimonials of famous customers of Germanicos right throughout our website. When you deal with Germanicos Melbourne you get the superstar treatment. It doesn't matter if you're one of our clients such as Hugh Jackman or Ronan Keating, or just someone who's getting married and wants to look a million dollars. The treatment that everyone gets at Germanicos is that of a superstar. For us, each and every customer is a superstar, especially those of the wedding party, which is a very, very important day of their life and we'd love to be a very important part of that and a company and experience that you remember for years to come into the future.

The most conducive lead time to embark on your wedding suit is typically around about eight to ten weeks before the wedding. This enables the tailor to not rush your garments and it also enables us to have as many fittings as necessary to get that suit fitting perfect for you. The reason why we wanna see you so close to the wedding date is because we understand of years of making weddings suits that people tend to fluctuate just before their wedding. You might be trying to get that little bit more fit and lose that five kilogram or so just before for the wedding. So we know how important it is to get your wedding suit looking a million dollars for the wedding date, not to have it well organized and in the wardrobe many months before, and then when you lose weight have a jacket that's a little bit baggy for you.

Not only can we make you a suit or shirt or tuxedo, we can also make your shoes bespoke! We can do any one design you want, measure them, and even laser your name onto the bottom of your shoe which is magnificent for the photography when you do it. So in essence, Germanicos can dress you from head to toe for your wedding, take care of every aspect, whether that be the jacket, the pant, the shirt, the waistcoat, the shoes, the bow tie, the pocket squares. We can take care of every single thing that you need.

In Melbourne you will not find a more passionate, knowledgeable or better priced bespoke tailor. Germanicos has been making wedding suits since 1999 and we have a massive amount of experience and runs on the board to prove that. We really look forward to making you look a million dollars on your wedding.

Lastly, please don't forget if you have a wedding party, we have wedding party specials, where if you have three or more people per one wedding we can give you a very special deal for your wedding garments. As such please ask our team how we can assist you with that.


Jack Ziebell, Australian rules footballer

Jack Ziebell

Australian rules footballer, Captain of North Melbourne

I own about 10 suits and this was the first quality one I purchased.
Had an amazing experience making my suit from such a passionate and knowledgeable team

Scott Pendlebury, Collingwood FC

Scott Pendlebury

Collingwood FC

for the BEST SUIT MAKERS in Australia

Aaron Sansoni, Author, International Speaker

Aaron Sansoni

Author, International Speaker

Everything was ‘bespoke’ not just the tailoring, but the conversation and service as well.
I have purchased suits in 50+ countries and not one of them has come close to my tailored suits by Germanicos.
I have tested all their suits vigorously in every condition both indoors, outdoors and they have passed with flying colours.
Getting a suit from Germanicos gives you the feeling of ‘getting a new hair cut every day’!


               Darren McMullen, Host The Voice, TV presenter, actor

Darren McMullen

Host The Voice, TV presenter, actor

For the last two years I've employed the services of Germanicos
to help me look sharp for The Logics.
They never fail to deliver an astounding suit, in record time.
l've never had so many positive comments on my suits before.
I won't be going anywhere else from now on.

Ruby Rose, Australian model, DJ, Actress

Ruby Rose

Australian model, DJ, Actress

Germanicos is one of the best tailors in Australia’s. Loved my suit

Todd Payten, West Tigers Rugby Player

Todd Payten

West Tigers Rugby Player

I looked long and hard to find the right tailor to make my wedding suit.
I’ve always had a desire to get a bespoke suit made as off the rack have never ever fit me right.
I came across Germanicos tailors via the net and after making an appointment I knew right away that I was using them....

Ronan Keating, Host: X Factor, Musician

Ronan Keating

Host: X Factor, Musician

Hey Buddy,
Just a quick note to say thank you for the suit but most importantly the effort and trouble you went to.
I love the suit its beautiful.
Ronan K.

Ross Stevenson, 3AW radio morning host, Australia's most listened to radio presenter

Ross Stevenson

3AW radio morning host, Australia's most listened to radio presenter

Thrilled with the result of my first suit with Germanicos.
If they can fit me they can fit anybody!



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