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The waistcoat or vest is a sleeveless upper body garment typically worn over a business or formal dress shirt and underneath the jacket of a three-piece suit. Traditionally reserved for the more formal occasions like weddings the waistcoat or vest is making a comeback and is now regularly seen in less formal settings. Today you will often spot a waistcoat or vest at the local bar as a somewhat dressier alternative to the usual t-shirt and jeans.

Prior to the appearance of the wrist watch the waistcoat or vest also provided a convenient location for the gentleman to store his pocket watch, which attached to a chain (that was then affixed to the waist band) and was carried in one of two pockets sewn into either side of the coat. Due to the high visibility of the chain it soon became a fashion icon itself, and the trend continues in many iterations of the waistcoat or vest to this day – although not as common as in times past.

The name waistcoat derives from the cut of the coat which ends at the waist. In a more traditional setting the waistcoat or vest is cut from the same material as the jacket and pants of a three-piece suit.

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However, with the growing trend of matching a waistcoat or vest to a number of different outfits to suit a variety of events the waistcoat or vest has become an essential accessory for today’s fashion conscious man.

The versatility of the waistcoat or vest means that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They look great over a t-shirt for drinks with friends, or adding that finishing touch to more formal business attire. But whatever your reasons for wearing a waistcoat or vest you’re no doubt wearing it to make a statement, especially if it is a bespoke waistcoat or vest that will fit perfectly.

A quality waistcoat or vest reflects your personality and your impeccable taste for style. For this type of statement to be the most effective you need to go beyond the usual store bought fare and go for a waistcoat or vest design that is custom fitted to your body and designed to your specifications.

At Germanicos we have only the most talented and experienced tailors using the finest weaves from the best mills around the world. We consult with you to create a custom waistcoat that is uniquely you. With over 4,000 fabrics in the Germanicos range we can tailor whatever style you decide on, with our tailor made experience and expertise we are sure we will help you create the impression you’re looking for.


Jack Ziebell, Australian rules footballer

Jack Ziebell

Australian rules footballer, Captain of North Melbourne

I own about 10 suits and this was the first quality one I purchased.
Had an amazing experience making my suit from such a passionate and knowledgeable team

Scott Pendlebury, Collingwood FC

Scott Pendlebury

Collingwood FC

for the BEST SUIT MAKERS in Australia

Aaron Sansoni, Author, International Speaker

Aaron Sansoni

Author, International Speaker

Everything was ‘bespoke’ not just the tailoring, but the conversation and service as well.
I have purchased suits in 50+ countries and not one of them has come close to my tailored suits by Germanicos.
I have tested all their suits vigorously in every condition both indoors, outdoors and they have passed with flying colours.
Getting a suit from Germanicos gives you the feeling of ‘getting a new hair cut every day’!


               Darren McMullen, Host The Voice, TV presenter, actor

Darren McMullen

Host The Voice, TV presenter, actor

For the last two years I've employed the services of Germanicos
to help me look sharp for The Logics.
They never fail to deliver an astounding suit, in record time.
l've never had so many positive comments on my suits before.
I won't be going anywhere else from now on.

Ruby Rose, Australian model, DJ, Actress

Ruby Rose

Australian model, DJ, Actress

Germanicos is one of the best tailors in Australia’s. Loved my suit

Todd Payten, West Tigers Rugby Player

Todd Payten

West Tigers Rugby Player

I looked long and hard to find the right tailor to make my wedding suit.
I’ve always had a desire to get a bespoke suit made as off the rack have never ever fit me right.
I came across Germanicos tailors via the net and after making an appointment I knew right away that I was using them....

Ronan Keating, Host: X Factor, Musician

Ronan Keating

Host: X Factor, Musician

Hey Buddy,
Just a quick note to say thank you for the suit but most importantly the effort and trouble you went to.
I love the suit its beautiful.
Ronan K.

Ross Stevenson, 3AW radio morning host, Australia's most listened to radio presenter

Ross Stevenson

3AW radio morning host, Australia's most listened to radio presenter

Thrilled with the result of my first suit with Germanicos.
If they can fit me they can fit anybody!

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